Superflat POP Artist :laizhicheng.Artist’s Art Style Defense Process.


Born in Guangdong Province, China.

Art exhibition of Hubei Institute of Fine Arts, May 1, 2018.

July 20, 2017 Shanghai Youth Art Fair, Nominated Artists (cooperation)

Jan. 5 a series of outstanding sketches were collected by Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.

May 5 a series of excellent abstract works were collected by Hubei Institute of Fine Arts.

December 20, 2019 Guangzhou Large-scale Art Fair, nominated contemporary artists.

On March 3, 2021, the children of panda series will be selected for youth art exhibition.

In August, it was selected to wuhan Art Fair.

In October, cooperated with Artron art website, and acted as an agent for limited edition prints to enter large online art websites and online auctions.

Early* hot abstraction stage
Diacritics series
In the early days of Lai Zhicheng, the physical appearance of real things with feelings and tangibles could not express the essence of things and the author’s perception of beauty. There was no way for tangible things to express the shape and spiritual beauty of the ontology in an extreme and extreme way. Therefore, the former abstract master Kang Ding He studied and absorbed Kandinsky’s understanding of point, line and surface, and further sublimated his theory, extracting the excellent elements of his pictures, learning Suprematism, cold abstraction, pop art, modern art, and extracting its essence Mix and synthesize your most suitable artistic language. Lai Zhicheng has created two series of works of symbols and diacritics. The former attempts to abstract and symbolize things that are realistically focused on, resulting in different artistic languages ​​and artistic concepts, while the latter combines the symbolic elements accumulated in nature through academic attempts to form a beautiful abstract picture. It starts with different object images, but they all describe the essence of the object and realize the interpretation of the idea in the picture rather than just the object itself.

Note Series NO.01—600x900cm-Watercolor on Canvas-2017

Mid*Cold Abstraction Stage
Cold abstract series
Thanks to the artistic inspiration of Malevich and Mondrian, with the idea of ​​simplifying the painting language, I am committed to expressing the richest aesthetic charm with the most concise and concise painting language, and the tangible or intangible emotions and scenery are subjectively condensed into size. Different squares, use color blocks of different sizes and proportions to create happy or warm or cold or depressed emotional pictures, and then divide the placement of lines and dots according to the highly academic point-line-surface theory. Create a comfortable and emotionally strong image.

Three Tone Series—600x900cm-Comprehensive Materials on Canvas-2017

symbolic stage
Combined with art history, the previous painting symbols and language are transformed into contemporary art language by means and forms such as cuteness, irony, repetition and flattening. Flexible use of the artistic context of their own learning, to express their own research on the point, line and surface in the creation.
Creative thought: A mockery of the entertainment in the current era, connecting vulgar stimulation with high-level artistic feelings, trying to create a spiritual world that is cheerful and exaggerated on the surface, but is actually empty, and can only enjoy it without self-control.

DartPanda Series

…still in the works

Eye series

…still in the works

Duchamp sank art into vulgarity, Monet blurred the stylized images to express more meaning, expressing concreteness in this way seems to have no meaning, Dalí combined reality to create fantasy, I combined concrete fantasy things , expressing specific and metaphorical broader and vulgar content.
Lai Zhicheng believes that abstraction should be conceptual abstraction. Abstraction is the creation of new shapes from simple geometric blocks. Abstract art in the last century has exhausted this field. So what about figurative abstraction? Creating abstract works with concrete images is a paradoxical contrast of technical techniques. Advanced abstraction should create a paradoxical contrast of spiritual intentions. Contradictions of ideas. Express the most thoughts and emotions with the simplest drawing language!

IP phase
Panda series Dart Panda

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