pop panda.How is Superflat similar to Pop Art?


Some argue that Superflat goes further than pop art in blurring the lines between high and low culture. Not only does the movement take low culture elements and make them high art, but Superflat turns these artworks into merchandise. As well as artists producing their work (many Superflat sculptures release their pieces as collectible miniature figurines, for example) and repackaging them into things like toys, T-shirts and keyrings that are more affordable, collaborations with other figures in popular culture are common. Today, the Superflat movement saturates many aspects of global pop culture as artists continue to push these boundaries.

The difference between laizhicheng‘s work and Murakami‘s work is that it also presents a 2D picture, but he has given abstract philosophical meaning to every image feature in the picture. The panda is composed of black and white, and the white part is the shape of a skull, symbolizing the The vague sense of life and death in life, people are always in such a state in daily life, only through the stimulation of entertainment information can we feel the existence of life. With the spread of COVID-19, people are in panic, all people are at home, and they obtain emotions through information on the Internet. Terrible news reports make people feel the fear of death and feel the meaning of life more.
The eyeballs in the picture represent the meaning of “order, truth, chaos”, etc. People often feel manipulated in life.


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