Entertainment supremacy after the 21st century

Duchamp reduced art to vulgarity, Claude Monet blurred the image with shape to express more meanings, while the expression of concretion seemed meaningless. Salvador Dalí transformed the combination of reality to create fantasy, and I combined the fantasy with concretion to express the vulgar content with specific and metaphorical wider meanings.
Lai Zhicheng believes that abstraction should be conceptual abstraction. Abstraction is the creation of new forms from simple geometric blocks. Abstract art in the last century has exhausted this field, but what about concrete abstraction? Creating abstract works with concrete images is a contradiction of technical techniques. High abstractions should create contradictory contrasts of mental intentions. Contradiction of ideas. Use the simplest painting language to express the most thoughts and emotions!
Has experienced the new crown outbreak of unrest in the second half of 2020, young artists to rethink of the 21st century, this day and age gap, the big end of combat, into the paralysis of entertainment, everything can be entertainment, serious and serious, and less and less people watch a big world politics, more are looking at themselves and others. This abstract feeling is transformed into concrete symbolic expression: contemporary high sense of being monitored, anyone can become the focus of entertainment, human nature is constantly destroyed by consumerism, using animal images to cover complex personality, entertainment to death.


Kazimir Malevich.In supremacism, black symbolizes human emotion, while white symbolizes lightness of air and floatation. The combination of black and white is human emotion towards the nothingness of the world.
The eyeball symbolizes life, the skull symbolizes death, and the panda symbolizes “living” between life and death.
The 21st century, the network has brought the global image in time and space, social, and so on various aspects of complanation, filled with entertainment and suggestive, serious is not on the table, only endless entertainment to death, people cast’s openness, greedy for more update more stimulating form, makes the artistic theme is expanding, vulgar, lust, erosion, etc. I often think “alive” is a state of born is not immortal, panda image skeleton and symbol by symbol death of living eyes, in the era of spiritual paralysis of entertainment, our perception of life often drifting about, perception of death always die ambiguity, entertainment is needed to perceive themselves alive, let us shout “entertainment first!”
Loneliness and want under the carnival.


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