In the universe, some planets are inhabited by pandas of different races, each with different characteristics and personalities. These pandas love art and regularly hold cosmic art competitions on the AH87 art planet to discover exceptional panda artists and give them grants and awards.

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Dart Panda Features

Random composition

Creative and commercial rights

Full-length portraits of characters

Issue physical artwork

AH87 Art Planet

10000 random DartPanda NFT.

You have complete and total ownership of your DARTPANDA. You have the right to create and distribute derivatives of your Panda under a non-exclusive license.

Although it is much work to create a whole-body NFT, we strive for perfection and excellence to present perfect artwork.

NFT virtual artwork connects with physical artwork to create the DartPanda popular pop art brand.

Create a community app where panda artists will gather while acquiring potential NFT works, and panda holders will vote on which NFT to add to the DAO. Our goal is to get everyone actively involved in the project, hold various art competitions and art exchanges and shout about the future of DartPanda.

About Dart Panda Tide Play​

Classic modeling

Multi-functional expansion

Various proportions and sizes

A variety of materials

Co-signed by artist and brand

DartPanda tide play design and production are based on 2d NFT as the essential elements, later will be launched in 3D version NFT, will be derived from this basis more classic shape.

Each part of the DartPanda entity tide play is standard replaceable for players to personalize the assembly according to their preferences. Among them, the mouth of the DartPanda is replaceable with other functions of the expansion dock; there are storage boxes, audio and other practical functions for replacement.

DartPanda tide play as a physical artwork later will be launched 20%, 50%, 100% (20cm), 200%, 400%, 900% and other various proportions.

DartPanda tide play is essentially a work of art; to meet personalization needs, using various production materials, the later players can also DIY option for its shell.

As an art collection, DartPanda will jointly cooperate with artists and brands to launch "Contemporary Artist Series" and "famous brand Series" to provide art collectors with diverse art tastes and brand added value.



For every 1000 NFT sold, we will randomly select 10 DartPanda NFT owners and ship their prints to them!


After the 2D version of DartPanda is officially released, 1 Dart panda NFT will be airdropped to our pre-sale purchasers and fan base for every 100 pieces sold during the period.


Start to design the second generation of DartPanda NFT 3D version, while making DartPanda entity tide play art, through the later official activities priority gift to 2D NFT holders.


Establish the exchange community “Art Planet”, develop art games, exhibitions, trading, exchange, and other functions, and hold the Panda Nebula Art Competition, in which the winner of the competition can be rewarded with points.


Establish an online Dart panda brand store where DartPanda NFT collectors can redeem points for merchandise.


We will buy the land in the sandbox and build houses for it. Our artwork needs to be seen in the Meta-universe!

Dart Panda Team

Community Expert

Early blockchain investor, familiar with virtual currency market and marketing promotion planning, coffee is the motivation to wake up every day.


Founder of DartPanda art brand, designed the image of DartPanda, contemporary artist, participated in many art exhibitions and events, has rich experience in brand management planning, architect.


Graphic designer, illustrator, have rich experience in product design, and put all their inspiration into every work they She creates.

Dart Panda NFT Benefits Description


1.Full ownership of DartPanda:

As long as you keep the NFT in your wallet, you will be entitled to use the full creative and commercial rights of DartPanda. Feel free to create your own art derivatives and fashions. You  also have the option to order specific items from DartPanda online.


As much as we love NFT, we also love to see friends and family enjoying the physical art on the wall. We’ll unlock the NFT as a super high-resolution PNG file, and then you can print the art yourself! Own the DartPendant to qualify for the unlock. We will also airdrop up to 100 signed framed prints to NFT owners as a membership benefit.

3.Physical fashion plays with art:

We will airdrop 100 signed initial versions of the physical DartPanda to NFT owners who only need to own a DartPanda NFT to be eligible. For every 1,000 of those sales, we’ll randomly pick ten NFT owners to send them a physical DartPanda!

4.AH87 Art Planet Club:

With a DartPanda NFT, you can join AH87 Art Planet Club and get exclusive club benefits. The club provides various benefits for members and holds online and offline communication activities from time to time to introduce contacts in the circle, learn and grow together.

5.Air-dropped rights:

Hold a DartPanda NFT to get occasional joint project airdrop, physical hipster airdrop, meta-universe product NFT airdrop,etc.

6.Community Autonomy Rights (DAO):

Holders of one DartPanda NFT can speak in AH87 Art Planet Club and contribute to the community autonomy, and those who contribute a lot can get additional rewards; those who highly agree with the project, are optimistic about the future of the community, have time and enthusiasm to participate in community management can sign up as volunteers and will enjoy the rewards of volunteers; holders of a certain number of DartPanda NFT and contribute Large holders have the opportunity to enter the management committee to observe the group and participate deeply in the planning and management of the project.

Come And Join Us And AH87 Art Planet !


DartPanda is home to randomly generated, non-fungible tokens, also known as “NFTs”. There are 10,000 different Pandas, each DartPanda unique, just like everyone in the world. DartPanda was generated from a smart contract using over 150 different hand drawn traits. Pandas are minted, stored, and traded on the Ethereum Blockchain. Holding a DartPanda NFT is your access pass to our DAO, which rewards members with $BAMBOO utility token.

Home page minting .You may purchase a Panda Paradise NFT from our collection on the OpenSea marketplace

$BAMBOO will be an ERC-20 utility token airdropped to DartPanda NFTs. It is imperative to understand that 1 $BAMBOO = 1 $BAMBOO. And that it has no value. As a symbol of gratitude, 50% of the mint funds will be used to acquire bluechip NFTs for the DAO Vault. The DartPanda DAO Vault will be fractionalized on Fractional. Art and distributed daily to DartPanda NFT holders.

Only 10,000 Pandas exist. Genesis Pandas will have premium exclusive access and future utility to be announced.

Every Panda has unique traits and attributes, but some traits are more rare and special than others. For instance, many Pandas may have a baseball cap, but only a few Pandas may have a Crown. You may view all possible traits for Panda Paradise under “properties” on OpenSea. You can also use a third party tool known as Rarity Tools, which helps calculate how rare the combination of attributes on Panda Paradise are and assign them a “Rarity Score”.

  • The earlier DartPanda NFT is minting, the cheaper the floor price! 
  • 0- 2000:0.03 ether ; 
  • 2001-4000:0.04 ether;
  • 4001-6000:0.05 ether; 
  • 6001-8000:0.06 ether; 
  • 8001-10000:0.07 ether.

Owning a Panda gives you an immense advantage and exclusive access to a premium selection of holder-only benefits inside both the digital and real world.
Pandas can be staked to receive 100 $BAMBOO Daily
Genesis Pandas can be staked to received 108 $BAMBOO Daily

Staking, unstaking and claiming $BAMBOO will have Eth Gas fees associated. Do so at your own discretion during lower gwei periods.

Yes! You will have total creative and commercial rights usage of your Panda for as long as you keep the NFT in your wallet. Feel free to create your own art derivatives as well as fashion. We will also have an option for you to order your Panda’s specific merchandise.

We believe that our holders deserve the best and that’s why 75% of royalties from secondary sales will return to Panda holders. 50% through DAO Vault Acquisitions and 25% Towards Game Development. The remaining 25% will be distributed to the core team and developers. Panda Holders will vote on which NFTs to add to our DAO Vault. In this way, our goal is to keep everyone actively involved with the project and hyped about future developments.

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